I'm a Finnish circus artist and I specialize on balancing disciplines. I have graduated from Salpaus Circus Artist Education / SaSak in 2018. Before studying in a professional circus school I spent my childhood and teenage years having circus as my hobby. I went to youth circus in Taidekoulu Estradi in Lappeenranta.

I've been performing variously in circus productions and all kinds of events from small private parties to bigger events. 


  • Tightwire
  • Unicycle
  • Bottle walking
  • Knife throwing and bottle walking with Kanerva Keskinen
  • Mingling with stilts

In addition to performing I enjoy teaching circus. I've been teaching circus skills in various youth circuses for example Taidekoulu Estradi, Itä-Suomen alueellinen sirkuskoulu and Sirkus Muikku. I also teach workshops.